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Attention potential students:

Calvary Christian College and Seminary is a CHRIST HONORING, Bible believing degree granting college without walls school incorporated in Indiana and specializing in personalized studies in Bible and Ministry related subjects. CCC&S will consider all previously completed courswork as well as ministry experience for Advanced Standing upon enrollment. 

While personalized coursework can be structured for students, CCC&S also has an academic partnership with the PMI Center for Biblical Studies to optionally use its curriculum for CCC&S study. Please be assured, all credits earned will transfer full value into Calvary Christian College and Seminary for the issuance of degrees without the requirement of additional work.

PMI Course Listing: http://pmiministries.com/courses.htm

Students with special interests not addressed in the PMI course listing can possibly receive individual study programs by contacting Dr. Kenneth Pierpont for details: kfpierpont@gmail.com

Degree and Credit Evaluation

All verifiable ministry and Bible coursework can and will be factored into conferring degrees and Advanced Standing upon enrollment.   



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