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While we are extremely proud of all our graduates, the following lists some of those more well known.

Dr. Jack Van Impe

Dr. Jack Van Impe (aka The Walking Bible) is the Founder and President of Jack Van Impe Ministries of Troy, Michigan, and co-host with wife Rexella of Jack Van Impe Presents international television program. Dr. Jack has written several books, including verse by verse commentaries on Daniel and Revelation. He has memorized 14,000 verses while logging in over 70,000 hours of Bible study. JVI Ministries has won hundreds of thousands of souls to Jesus Christ.

(1983 Graduate- Doctor of Divinity)

Dr. Cecil Johnson

Dr. Cecil Johnson is the Founding President of Christian Bible College in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Dr. Johnson is an accomplished author and committed educator who has personally trained thousands of evangelists, pastors and teachers for Bible based ministry. 

(1983 Graduate- Doctor of Theology)

Brigadier General
Dr. John F. Stampfli

Dr. John F. Stampfli is a committed follower of Jesus Christ and faithful soldier in God's army. General John has also been a soldier in America's army over 25 years serving as an all source intelligence officer, where he reached the esteemed rank of Brigadier General. General John also operates the Stampfli Group where his expertise is in demand concerning global logistics, security management, and intelligence operations.   

(2009-2011 Graduate- Doctor of Biblical Studies)

Dr. Marvin Del Collins

Dr. Marvin Del Collins (aka the Street Preacher of South Georgia) is a gifted evangelist serving the Lord Jesus as Founding President of the Marvin Del Collins Evangelistic Association, and  Pastor/Teacher of Ephesus Bible Church and Bible Institute in Valdosta, Georgia. Dr. Collins has won hundreds of souls to Christ and has written several tracts, booklets and expositional Bible study courses in his 30 plus years of faithful service.

(2009-2011 Graduate- Doctor of Ministry; Doctor of Philosophy)

Dr. John P. McTernan

Dr. John P. McTernan is the Founding Chaplain of International Cops for Christ and the author of several tracts, articles, and books. His ground-breaking work  As America Has Done to Israel is a masterful expose linking major US disasters to our slip-shod treatment of Israel's covenant land. His keen insights have gained him notoriety as an expert on Bible prophecy and Jewish American relations while providing him with a growing number of television, radio and international prophecy conference appearances. For those interested in end times events, Dr. John writes an up to the minute daily blog showcasing world disasters and  developments as they relate to the prophetic Word. 

(2009-2011 Gradate- Doctor of Biblical Studies)

Dr. Kent Hovind

In our opinion, Dr. Kent Hovind is America's premier Creation Science apologist. In 1989 Dr. Hovind founded Creation Science Evangelism Ministry (and museum) in Pensacola, Florida http://www.drdino.com/. As CSE grew, so did Dr. Hovind's travel schedule which has taken him across 50 states and 30 foreign countries. He has regularly spoken or debated hundreds of times annually in public and private schools, churches, and universities which have included over 100 debates with evolutionists. His disarming, fast-paced, seminars are filled with humor and illustrations which provide such compelling documented evidence against the unscientific, unbiblical theory of evolution, growing numbers of their "scholars" refuse to debate him.  CSE produces and offers videos and DVD’s of the creation seminars and debates from their website, which they permit and encourage to be copied for free distribution worldwide. 

(2010 Graduate- Master of Theology; Doctor of Theology)



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